Our Story

We have been doing mobile recording digitally since 1993 & straight to harddisk since 1995.

We search for the most natural sound, this reflects as much in our recording philosophy as in our search for the purest audio equipment. During soundcheck, we focus on getting great sound&balance, but we never commit to this mix. Final mix & mastering has to be done in a controlled environment.

The musical production is an essential part of the recording process and we feel the recording engineer and musical producer should be the very same person. Sound and musicality are so inextricably linked that knowing the music and performance are absolutely necessary in determining the most ideal sound. We want to assist the musician to get as close to his/her ideal performace as possible. In a relaxed, but professional atmosphere.

Most often we do the pre-editing. Most clients shouldn’t or wouldn’t need to bother about loosing much time over take selection. Our goal is to deliver a near perfect pre-edit, not only technically, but one with the most faithful musical flow.

The final mix and mastering are done in our recently finished highend mastering room.

We are specialized in the complete range of classical music (from solo repertoire to performances on period instruments to complex contemporary chamber music to big orchestral settings) and frequently do mobile jazz productions/live-recordings.

We offer a truly high-end service for standard prices.